2021, Expanded painting exhibition with art by an artificial intelligence (AI) during Vienna Art Week at Creative Cluster, Vienna (AT) in cooperation with Offerus Ablinger.
2022, featured on Poster Galerie Wien

Man and machine

The dichotomy of the lost paradise – a paradise that knows no progress and overcomes the disillusionment of modernity – drives the dream of the creative machine and makes it seem seductive, because this is where first and second nature meet. Even more: the dream points beyond itself and develops further. Because it is about art, about the realm of signs and symbols, it develops into a grand narrative that builds on the fact that man and machine are no longer pacified. In the long run, the principle of opposites as such also disappears.

Just as creativity as a guiding social value blurs the distinctions between above and below, marginality and significance, original and copy, the creative machine puTransmutation_0202001_No. 1 -No. 4 – Giclée-prints and artworks by an artificial intelligence at the exhibition Transmutation by Offerus Ablinger (paintings) and Hideo SNES (ai art) at Creative Cluster Vienna during Vienna Art Week.shes towards a third instance of reality in which any clear boundary would be overcome.

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It is above all this hope that makes the dream of the creative machine a dream of digital modernity, in which many spheres of life merge and the old thinking in strong distinctions, be it between the sexes, the genres of art or between humans and other living beings, gives way to thinking in hybrid values. This hybridisation has many dimensions and is usually accompanied by the ideal image of a new immediacy that bypasses any kind of intermediate instance.

Art by cyborgs and artificial intelligence

While Offerus deals with the concept of the cyborg, an extension of the human being and his natural means, in Hidéo’s work it is the idea of the art machine that extends traditional artistic creative processes. In this broad field of ethics and questions of the human and the mode of action of the Anthropocene, the artists* meet in the exploration of the Conditio Humana in the course of the formation of digital neo-modernity. To this end, they allow an artificial intelligence programmed by Hidéo to access Offerus’ paintings, thus creating a new interface between man, machine and expressive power. As a symbiosis of algorithms, paintings and A.I. works, the whole is realised in a space-consuming installation.

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