Expanded Painting Artificial Intelligence Interactive Digital Art Performance
October 2020 - Exhibition - Salzburg

Ich bin im Bilde

Vera Sebert and Hidéo SNES present expanded painting, digital art and contemporary literature. The gaze is questioned and visitors are invited to play with their own filters of perception.

Image courtesy of Hidéo SNES.
In collaboration with Vera Sebert (DE).

2020 - Expanded Painting - Artificial Intelligence

I was supposed to tell my art it can become more than a glorified calculator.

Three years ago I started the experiment, wheter an AI can fully simulate the painterly process or not. After feeding the model roughly 250.000 images of artworks from classical modernity and modernity, it reached the point where the AI learned composition, ductus, color and light design in order to create original artworks from scratch. Starting with an empty canvas, paint stroke by paint stroke it creates abstract artworks.

Image courtesy of Hidéo SNES.

September 2020 - Artfair - Vienna

Queer body Horror

Technology as a metaphor for queer body horror. Mobile Devices have become an extension of bodies and can be seen, much like the machine, as a black box. The body bearing gendered inscriptions exhibits horrorfying moments once its readability is questioned. Thus body horror is a reaction to an external input.

Image courtesy of Hidéo SNES.
In collaboration with Neda Nikolic (SRB), Gert Resinger (AT), Katrin Weidhofer (AT), and Anny Wass (AT).

August 2019 - Exhibition - Vienna

Are you alone?

The installation and the video-game is part of Hidéo SNES' ongoing project exploring possible agencies of otherness throughout real reality and it's digital and virtual instances. Is extends the current research by an examination of the formation and regulation of 'identity' through play in video-games.

Image courtesy of Hidéo SNES. Performance images by Artivive.
In collaboration with Je. Jesch•elet (AT), Lieber Michael (SRB), Neda Nikolic (SRB), Gert Resinger (AT), Vera Sebert (DE), and Anny Wass (AT).

January 2019 - Exhibition - Vienna

Translation of complexity

The exhibition addresses intertwined topics and complex narratives through art. Together with improper walls, sound:frame invited a bunch of artists who break down the seemingly ungraspable framework of artificial intelligence, permutation of the internet and the role of myth and traditions in today’s society.

Photos by the lovely Caro Mico
In collaboration with Einar Sørensen (NO), Chinami Sato (JP), Lieb & Kühn (DE).