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Installation Collage Computer Game Interactive Costume

An exhibition space isn’t made of wadding, its edges are firm, its colors are harsh. It tells a story about its capacity. Despite appearing to be endless it folds itself into a Möbius ribbon. Of words, of words, of objects. Onions, that stratify a Tower to Babylon.

The fusion of secluded worlds — in this very case the fusion of analogue and digital perspectives — seem to be effective means of resisting the indoctrination by the art community. Both, in terms of growing individually and in terms of fostering new synergies.

The ornate object, that’s created by inscribing word above word, is contrasted by sheer chance. It attempts to escape a pompous space that is relentlessly void of purpose. The object becomes aware of its own materiality and structure. It develops a novel, self-referential perspective.

Initially, our first question - or perhaps it was much more of a need - was to regard the white-cube as some sort of safe-space. In which a break with the past can be carried out. In which a sequence of loose patches can build up a momentum of freedom. One that might lead to breaking with tradition. One that might lead to doing something that we usually would not do.

What do artists ‘see’? What kind of gaze do they apply to concretize their subjective reality. What do they recognize and what remains unseen? Where do they spot ‘originality’? How do they classify aesthetic virginity and where is it not being recognized. How is it being appropriated and where is it not being embraced?

An artistic discussion demands a vis-á-vis. The other, that opens up new perspectives. A series of points of views where both sides agree to defend their respective opinions as well as to topple them if one argument is stronger. The discussion turns into a ping-pong game and both players try to keep the ball in-game as long as possible.

Image courtesy of Katrin Weidhofer and Hidéo SNES, 2017.



On a weekly basis, students of Henning Bohls painting department have had the opportunity to conceive and realize exhibitions at Justice, an art space of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. These exhibitions and possible formats of communicating them are subsequently discussed together in class.


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