When I'm binary,
I'm talking to computers.

Alien Drag Performance Computer Game Interactive Installation Sculpture Painting Costume 2019

Possible agencies of otherness throughout real reality and it’s digital and virtual instances suggest that their identity is not the product but the condition of their distinction. Just as ‘water’ can only be differentiated from ‘ice’ by its condition of aggregation. “When I’m binary I’m talking to computers” traces and plots the interrelated yet illusive expulsions between prospects of complexity and singularity throughout various instances of reality.

In collaboration with Einar Sørensen (NO), Chinami Sato (JP), Lieb & Kühn (DE)
Photos by the lovely Caro Mico.

Autumn 2019

Recurrence of Spectacles

Medium specificity is a principle in aesthetics and art criticism. Clement Greenberg believed that “the unique and proper area of competence” for a form of art corresponds with the ability of an artist to manipulate those features that are “unique to nature” of a particular medium. So according to him, the artist should use techniques which manipulate materials to produce objects that the media in question particularly lends itself for. "Recurrence of Spectacle" tests the applicability and performativity of this principle against contemporary, digital media.


Throne Room

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ATOLL - Archive

Is your brain ready for the island? ATOLL collects and archives digital experiments, artefacts and artworks. The central motif of the archive is the preservation of erroneous digital occurences and showcasing their inherent aesthetic value.

January 2019

Translation of complexity

The exhibition addresses intertwined topics and complex narratives through art. Together with improper walls, sound:frame invited a bunch of artists who break down the seemingly ungraspable framework of artificial intelligence, permutation of the internet and the role of myth and traditions in today’s society.


AA Collections

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Laura Welzenbach

"Hidéo SNES is on to something exciting here. The concept is at its beginning and with the next deep dive they can create eye-popping performances through trashy humorous drag."